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Bond facilities to support your business with an export-related project.

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Bonds are often a prerequisite for Australian exporters and businesses providing goods or services to domestic export-related contracts.

We can provide a guarantee to your bank to support a bank-issued bond or provide a bond directly to your buyer.

The benefits of our bonds

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Issued directly to your buyer or your bank

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Less cash security than a bank may require

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Available for multiple projects with different buyers

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Support exports in emerging markets

Bond options available for businesses

Advance payment bonds

Provide your buyer with security for their advance payment under an export-related contract.

Performance bonds

Give the buyer of your product or service assurance that if you don’t meet your obligations under a contract the buyer can call on the bond to reduce its losses.

Warranty bonds

Protect your buyer from loss if you don’t meet your contractual warranty obligations after the contract is completed.

US surety bonds

Allow you to meet your US bond requirements and compete more effectively by supplying a surety bond from our registered US surety bond issuer, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Our bond facilities

We can provide complementary finance solutions to support your export-related contracts or purchase orders.

Our support is available to exporters and businesses in an export supply chain.

For more information on loan terms and conditions, click here.

Bond options

Bond amount From $100,000
Establishment time From 4 weeks
Currencies available AU$ US$ € £
Redraw functionality Yes
Online application No

Bond terms and rates

Bond fee 4% - 7% p.a.
Export Finance Australia repayment structure Quarterly fees, principal based on contract

Application fees

$5,000 or 1% of the Bond Facility (whichever is greater)
Other fees and charges apply, including utilisation and documentation fees


Various forms of security may be required including a registered general security interest and corporate and directors’ indemnities
Cash cover, or alternatively, an on-demand bank guarantee in favour of us (in a form, and from a bank, acceptable to us), for an amount acceptable to us

Who is eligible?

Revenue last financial year Over $250,000
Age of business Established for at least 2 years.
Have an export contract(s) or purchase order(s) Yes
Businesses seeking support for a supply chain contract Yes
Unable to get financing from your bank Yes
Available for first-time exporters Yes
Export contract requirement The Bond Facility must be used to:
  • secure export purchase order(s) or contract(s) for the export of Australian goods and/or services from Australia
  • secure an export-related purchase order or contract that is part of an export-related supply chain.


View our full list of key eligibility criteria here.

What are the next steps?

Your business can access a guarantee from us to support a bank-issued bond. Alternatively, we can provide a bond facility directly to your buyer.

Step 1

Bonding needed

You enter into a contract with your overseas buyer or a company in an export supply chain.

Step 2


You apply for bond(s) with us.

Step 3


You provide security to us.

Step 4

Bond approved

We issue the bond(s) directly to your buyer.

Step 5

Bond provided to bank

If your buyer requires your bank to issue the bond, we provide a guarantee to your bank for the value of the bond and your bank issues the bond to your buyer.


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